Bearing product industry demand and installation environment

Oil-free bearing devices must be carried out under dry, clean environmental conditions. Before the device should be carefully checked the cooperative appearance of the shaft and the shell, the end surface of the shoulder, the groove and the processing quality of the joint appearance. It is necessary to carefully clean and remove burrs for the appearance of all cooperation, and it is necessary to remove the molding sand for the unprocessed appearance of castings.  
The oil-free bearing device should be cleaned with gasoline or kerosene first, and then used after being dry, and ensure excellent smoothness. The oil-free bearing is generally selected to be grease-smooth or oil-smooth. When smooth grease is used, smooth grease with excellent properties such as no impurities, anti-oxidation, anti-rust and extreme pressure should be selected. The amount of smooth grease filled is 30%-60% of the volume of oil-free bearings and oil-free bearing boxes, and should not be excessive. The double-row tapered roller oil-free bearing with sealing structure and the oil-free bearing of the pump shaft have been filled with smooth grease, and the user can directly use it, and can no longer clean it.

Hongda Bearing provides electronic samples for all customers

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Hongda Bearing-an integrated service provider from raw materials to finished products

  1. Hongda Bearing is composed of Jiashan Hongda Composite Bearing Co., Ltd. and Jiangxi Hongda Self-Lubricating Bearing Co., Ltd., an entity enterprise specialized in producing various types of series of oil-free bearings. With an annual output of more than 50 million sets of oil-free bearings of various specifications, the indicators are among the best.
  2. he main products JDB inlay series bearings, copper sleeves, skateboards, rough series, FB090 series bearings, JF800 bimetallic series bearings, SF series self-lubricating bearings and other ten series of products, the company passed ISO9001: 2000 quality management in September 2001 Certification. All indexes of product quality are qualified in the sampling of Technical Supervision Bureau.
  3. Products are widely used in various mechanical transmission parts. Such as: automobiles, motorcycles, electronics, electrical appliances, light industry, chemical industry, hydraulic machinery, hydraulic machinery and other fields, well received by the majority of users. "Creating value for customers is the core of all our work", the company welcomes friends from all walks of life to establish business relations with us, sincere cooperation and common development.

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