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Hongda's main products JDB inlay series bearings, copper sleeves, skateboards, rough series.

HDB-30 Series

Hongda's main products are JDB inlay series bearings, copper sleeves, skateboards, rough series, FB090 series bearings, JF800 bimetal series bearings, SF series self-lubricating bearings and other ten series products.

30 plastic bearings
The 5620 series bimetal bushings, bushes, thrust pads are made of high-quality low-carbon steel as the base body, and the surface is sintered with bronze powder, which is suitable for rotation and swinging motion under high load and low speed. It has the characteristics of low friction coefficient, good wear resistance, long service life, good anti-seizure performance, etc. The copper alloy layer can be processed into various types of oil holes and oil grooves according to requirements. Products are widely used in mining machinery, steam locomotives, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, steel rolling machinery, etc.

■ The most versatile plastic bearing. It can meet most applications under operating temperature below 80 degrees. Excellent wear resistance and reasonable price are often the materials of choice for design engineers.
■ Continuous use temperature: -40℃~ 80℃
■ Suitable for dry operation, maintenance-free
■ Different shaft materials wear very little
■Lower friction coefficient

Technical parameter
Density ISO1183 g/cm³ 1.46
Colour     Dark gray
Coefficient of dynamic friction on steel     0.05-0.15
Maximum PV value   n/mm²×m/s 0.4
Maximum rotation speed   m/s 1.0
Maximum swing speed value   m/s 0.7
Maximum linear velocity value   m/s 3.0
Tensile strength ISO527 MPa 80
Compressive strength (axial)   MPa 65
Elastic Modulus ISO527 MPa 2300
Allow maximum surface static pressure (20℃)   MPa 35
Shore hardness ISO2039-2 HRR 108
Continuous working temperature   -40/80
Short-term operating temperature   -40/120
Thermal conductivity ASTME1461 W/m k 0.2
Linear thermal expansion coefficient ASTMD696 K-1×10-5 10
Hygroscopicity at RH50/23℃ ASTMD570 % 0.2
Maximum water absorption rate 23℃   % 1.2
Combustion performance UL94   HB
Volume resistivity IEC60093 Ωcm ﹥1012
Surface resistivity IEC60093 Ω ﹥1012


Modern design is generating huge demand for today's self-lubricating bearing materials. Even under severe extreme operating environments and maximum load conditions, maintenance-free is required. As cost requirements continue to increase, the reliability requirements of equipment and plant operations are also increasing. Metal self-lubricating bearings can meet maintenance-free and self-lubricating under long-term use conditions, thereby making it possible to design reliable long-term self-lubricating systems. Metal self-lubricating bearing materials can be widely used in rotation, swing and linear reciprocating motion under high load and low speed conditions, and are also suitable for occasions where traditional lubrication cannot be achieved or are prohibited, or in special working conditions such as dust and impact Long-term and stable use under load or irradiation.

HDB-30 series products small class size