Three coordinate detection

The CMM has powerful reverse engineering capabilities and is an ideal digital tool. Through the combination of different types of probes and measuring machines of different structural forms, it is possible to quickly and accurately obtain the three-dimensional data and geometric characteristics of the workpiece surface.

Our Products

The main products are JDB inlay series bearings, copper sleeves, skateboards, rough series, FB090 series bearings, JF800 bimetal series bearings, SF series self-lubricating bearings and other ten series products.

HDB-JDB series
HDB-80/90 series
HDB-10/20/30 series


Hongda has its own blank casting workshop, which can guarantee the delivery time of finished product finishing workshop in time.

Rolled sheet sintering

We not only have a copper wool furnish and ingredient casting workshop, but also have a sintering line for composite plates.


The processing workshop of wool ingredients is to better ensure the production schedule and cost control of the finishing workshop.


Greatly eased the pressure on the processing workshop.


The finishing workshop has a series of high-precision processing equipment such as American Haas, Guangzhou CNC.


The factory has a complete set of high-precision testing and testing equipment: direct-reading spectrum analyzer, etc.


Application field

Products are widely used in various mechanical transmission parts. Such as: automobiles, motorcycles, electronics, electrical appliances,well received by the majority of users.

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